2004 Workshop/Retreat with Pat Love

Oklahoma City, October 22 to 24

Our thanks to all those who made this meeting time memorable: to Pat Love for her exciting program; to Joyce Gibb for caring and careful arrangements of food, entertainment, and comfort; and to all those members who came out to join this retreat, workshop, and dance.

Photo Gallery of the 2004 AIRT Workshop and Retreat in Oklahoma City

Melva Johnson Chairing the Board Meeting

Jesse Johnson at the Board Meeting

Mary DeVries, Member-At-Large, considers

Waverly Farrell, Secretary taking note

Michael Nygren, Treasurer, looks at the numbers

Working thru the evening meal

The Meeting Begins

Melva introducing Pat Love Love

Pat sharing her wisdom and heart

Bernard Bacca and Jesse Johnson

Joyce Gibb and Mary DeVries

The evening banquet

Joyce checks if everybody's happy

And then we dance…


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